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With hip-hop in one ear, the gospel in the other, Otis Moss III preaches the blue note gospel

From the pulpit in Marquand Chapel, he conducted a high wire oratorical act of prophetic passion and hip-hop heat.

“Living Cosmology”: YDS hosts conference around Emmy Award-winning film ‘Journey of the Universe’

It was a "special event," one visiting scholar noted, and it could only be convened by an institution with "a concentration of great minds."

Dean Sterling Speaks at World’s Largest Church During Recent Korea Trip

In the United States, a church with 10,000 members is considered “mega.” Add two zeroes to that figure, and you know the approximate size of the church in South Korea where Yale Divinity School Dean Greg Sterling spoke during his recent Korea trip.

Civil Rights at 50: reflections from the YDS community

Convocation and Reunions is an annual celebration of alumni and former classmates, but this year marked another milestone: the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights movement.

Watch Convocation & Reunions lecture series live

Weren't able to make it to New Haven for Convocation and Reunions this year? Now you can watch videos of this year’s lineup—including Margaret Farley, Peter Hawkins, Christian Smith, and Beecher lecturer Otis Moss III—online.