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Remembering Mandela: "People are people through other people"

The news flash appeared on my iPhone: Nelson Mandela—"Madiba"—has died. I tossed what I had been working on and turned my attention to the one who took history in his hands, and through his long walk to freedom, helped to "bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice." Upon being released from prison, much of it at remote Robben Island, 4 miles off the coast of Capetown, Mandela proclaimed himself a servant of the people of South Africa, and placed his life

Vasileios Marinis: how to read a church

Growing up in Greece, Vasileios Marinis encountered world-famous religious images on the walls of a thousand-year-old monastery not far from home. The still-active monastery, called Hosios Loukas, is an acclaimed example of Middle Byzantine architecture. As a youth, Marinis learned to behold the building’s artful objects—mosaics, murals, icons—not as museum pieces frozen in time but as windows on eternity, declarations of faith that enlisted color, paint, fabric,

Gospel Epiphany: A Shared Adventure

It certainly looked as though Skip Masback's career was flourishing. He'd had a thriving pro bono public and corporate litigation practice in Washington, D.C. for 12 years. But something wasn't right with his world. His tears were telling him so: the prevailing secular rationalism wasn't working. Careerism wasn't enough. All the sacrifices, the all-nighters, the time away from family wasn't adding up to fulfillment.

Brenda J. Stiers ’83 M.Div. leaves a legacy of activism and service to YDS

Yale Divinity School Board of Advisors member and devoted alumna Brenda J. Stiers ’83 M.Div. died suddenly on November 10, 2013.  Stiers is remembered as a tireless volunteer who helped guide the alumni of YDS through some of the most critical years in YDS’s history.