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A family vocation: three YDS alumni, a dozen decades of ministry

Family ties are not all that bind together Kathy Turner, her husband Greg Turner, and Greg’s father, Dale Turner. All three are graduates of Yale Divinity School and between them, the Turners have dedicated more than 130 years to ministry.

In Memoriam: E. William Muehl, YDS professor of homiletics for four decades

Ernest William Muehl, Stephen Merrell Clement Professor Emeritus of Christian Methods, died on May 8, 2014 in Tucson, AZ.

Michal Beth Dinkler: the dance of interpretation and meaning

The art of ballet and the art of biblical interpretation – not your everyday dance partners. Yet they share certain aspirations and challenges. Each requires discipline and stamina.

103 diplomas granted in 188th YDS Commencement

On a breezy weekend that sent graduation caps flying, Yale Divinity School held its 188th Commencement Exercises. Yale University granted 103 diplomas to Yale Divinity School candidates: 50 Master of Arts in Religion, 47 Master of Divinity, and 6 Master of Sacred Theology.

Andrew McGowan: committing to big-spirited conversation

In a prickly era of partisanship, newly appointed Berkeley Divinity School Dean Andrew McGowan speaks up for an unpopular virtue—uncomfortable conversations. "Uncomfortable conversations are invaluable now—the virtue of staying in the room with people who disagree with you," he says.