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Teresa Berger: Worship is an 'embodied' practice—and always a gendered one, too

Teresa Berger discusses worship as an embodied--and gendered--practice in a new essay in the online Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion.

Walter Fauntroy: The alum who played key role in Selma and other civil rights movement milestones

Rev. Walter Fauntroy '58 B.D played a behind-the-scenes but significant role in major civil rights events including the March on Washington, the Selma to Montgomery March, and the Meredith Mississippi Freedom March.

Why I went to seminary: A senator’s theological education

"Divinity school changed me, and it changed how I see what I do in the U.S. Senate." U.S. Sen. Chris Coons '92 M.A.R. reflects on his Yale Divinity School experience for Christianity Century.

15 Religion Treasures at Yale

Yale retains to this day a dazzling array of religious treasures and relics, all publicly available. Explore treasures that have captivated a newcomer to the university who has a fascination with religion.

Christa Swenson: Helping future worship leaders 'find their voice'

As liturgical coordinator at Marquand Chapel, Christa Swenson supports the students who plan the daily chapel services at the heart of the YDS worship experience.

How to access the spiritual power of poetry–even if you "just don’t get it"

How to access the spiritual power of poetry–even if you "just don’t get it." Religion News Service columnist Jonathan Merritt interviews Christian Wiman of YDS and the Institute of Sacred Music.

Sharon Watkins '84 M.Div.: Dedicated to healing and unity

The first woman to lead a mainline Protestant denomination, Sharon Watkins '84 M.Div. is general minister and president of the Disciples of Christ, a 700,000-member church body that declares Christian unity a core value.