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15 Religion Treasures at Yale

Yale, a place that started out as a training ground for Congregationalist ministers, retains to this day a dazzling array of religious treasures and relics, all publicly available. Explore treasures that have captivated a newcomer to the university who has a fascination with religion.

Faculty Spotlight: John Grim

In the midst of humanity’s divisions and convulsions, John Grim is watching the world slowly wake up to the urgency and ethics of Earth care. At Yale he feels that he joins with others to help make that happen.

Student-led contemporary worship provides ‘spiritual stretch’

Student-led contemporary worship gives YDS students the chance to design and lead their own services, complementing the daily services in Marquand Chapel.

YDS-based Jonathan Edwards Center makes Edwards’ collected works available for download

The collected works of Jonathan Edwards now available for download – for free – thanks to the efforts of the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale Divinity School.

Win Bassett ’15 M.A.R. talks with Christian Wiman

One poetry-loving southerner to another, YDS student Win Bassett ’15 M.A.R. talks with faculty member and acclaimed poet Christian Wiman about his West Texas upbringing and other subjects in Oxford American.

From Ferguson: Carlton R. Lee engages YDS on religion and race politics

What is the role of religion in addressing Ferguson, and all it represents? How can the church respond? Who better to raise those questions, and begin to answer them, than Carlton R. Lee, the pastor to Michael Brown, Sr.? Lee came to the Quad last week to speak to the YDS community.

YDS Alum Neichelle Guidry Jones one of Time magazine’s "New Faces of Black Leadership"

Neichelle Guidry Jones '10 M.Div., associate pastor of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ and the founder of the shepreaches organization for young women, has been named one of Time magazine’s "12 New Faces of Black Leadership."