Advanced Topics in Leadership Ministry in Schools and Colleges

Spring 2017
M 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Area IV, Area V
Permission Not Required
No Limit to Enrollment
Course Description: 

Yale is the first divinity school to offer courses in school and college ministries at the Master’s level, so the field is, in many of respects, an “emerging” one.  The “literature” consulted in the course will sometimes be “propaganda” (published view books and website gleanings about an educational ministry and its mission). Seminar students with a particular interest will sometimes have to rely more on their own direct experience and research than on works by scholars and researchers in the field. 

Seminar students will normally consider the seven topics below.  In the event that there is particular interest in a topic not listed below, the instructor may decide to add it to the list of topics. The seminar also makes extensive use of case studies and simulations.  Issues of race, class, gender, and sexuality arise in connection with topics considered in this seminar.

Principal Topics

  1. Where Young People Are Today
  2. Historical Background: Religious Study and Formation in Schools and Colleges
  3. The Variety of Religious Schools and Colleges with a Variety of Purposes
  4. Leadership in Educational Ministry
  5. The Importance of the Mission Statement
  6. Curriculum (or the equivalent) and Worship in Educational Ministry
  7. Educational Ministry in the Inner City and Other Special Circumstances
Background Expected: 

The normal prerequisite is REL 848 (Leadership Ministry in Schools) and/or REL 811 (Models and Methods of College and University Chaplaincy).

Course Requirements: 

Each student will be asked to present one of the course topics.  Each student will write a 20-25 page paper generally on a person involved in an area of school or college administration, teaching, or chaplaincy.

Basis of Evaluation: 

The major paper, the class presentation, and class participation in general.