Meditation: East and West

Fall 2016
T 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Area IV
Permission Not Required
Limited Enrollment
Course Description: 

This seminar, just as easily named Christian Contemplative Practice, explores in a practical and theoretical manner the Christian tradition’s rich heritage of prayer complemented by selected meditation practices from Eastern religions. A unit on Buddhism within its own religious system concludes the semester.

To provide an understanding of classical and contemporary treatments of Christian devotional prayer.

To introduce students experientially to a variety of prayer modes for those who wish to enrich their own prayer lives through guided practice.

To teach students how to facilitate or lead guided meditation sessions in their ministries.

To assist students in understanding and using meditation practices from other traditions within the context of Christian meditation. (Crossing over to another tradition and returning to one’s own with insight)

To support students in deepening their own prayer lives through a journaling process that provides individual coaching in prayer.

Background Expected: 

Willingness to engage in the practice element of the course and to fulfill the course requirements as well as the willingness to experiment with practices from other religious traditions: Zen sitting, chanting, ecstatic dancing, embodied practices working with breath, movement, or postures.