Passion and Atonement: The Cross in Contemporary Theological Discussion

Fall 2016
Area II
Permission Not Required
No Limit to Enrollment
Course Description: 

This course explores the significance of the death of Jesus and engages contemporary discussion of theologies of atonement. The objectives of the course are that students who complete it will: 1) demonstrate knowledge of major interpretive views of the cross in the Christian theological tradition; 2) demonstrate understanding of major contemporary criticisms of atonement doctrine and some major reconstructions of it; 3) demonstrate knowledge of the work of René Girard and its relevance for theological reflection; and 4) develop and state their own theological framework for addressing these issues personally, pastorally and institutionally.

Background Expected: 

Students are expected to have some introductory knowledge of theology and Bible.

Course Requirements: 

Class participation:  Keep up with assigned readings, attend class sessions, participate actively in discussions. 

Discussion papers: Five 500 word class discussion papers and associated class leadership

Final Paper:  15-20 pages

Basis of Evaluation: 

Final paper                              40% of final grade.

Class Discussion Papers          30% of final grade 

Class participation                   30% of final grade.