Principles and Practices of Preaching

Fall 2016
TTH 11:30am - 12:20pm
Area IV
Permission Not Required
Limited Enrollment
Course Description: 

This is the introductory course in the theology, history, and practice of preaching. It is a prerequisite for upper level homiletics courses. Special attention is given to biblical exposition, the congregational context, the appropriate use of experience, the development of homiletical imagination, and engaging all the preacher’s gifts for communication. The course includes plenary presentations and small group preaching sections for which students prepare and deliver sermons. Students must sign up for one of the sections when they sign up for the course.

Please note that in 2016-17 we will be teaching this course BOTH in the fall term and in the spring terms. Each term that class is limited to 40 students, and when sections fill up we will not add additional ones. So you must sign up early if you want to take the course. Since this course is required for graduation, priority in spring preaching sections will be given to students who are graduating. 

Background Expected: 

This course is open to students in their second year of seminary study (or beyond) who have had at least one course in Biblical studies and/or theology. Since this course is required for M.Div. graduation, priority in spring preaching sections will be given to M.Div. students who are graduating. Students are strongly encouraged to take this course in the fall or spring semester (at the latest) of their second year so that they are eligible to take additional preaching electives before they graduate. 

Course Requirements: 
  1. Attend and actively participate in all classes, plenaries and preaching sections. Only three absences total from plenaries and/or preaching sections are allowed.
  2. Complete all readings and class assignments on time and in a satisfactory manner. 
  3. Complete a course project of the student’s choice (options described in syllabus), 
  4. Preach two full length (15 minutes maximum) sermons in a small group practicum, and participate in the evaluation of student sermons in your section
  5. Review the recording of each of your full length sermons and write up a summary sheet of strengths, weaknesses and future goals for your preaching.
  6. Attend and write a one-page reflection on a one-on-one speech and performance coaching session with Adrienne Milics.
Basis of Evaluation: 

This course will be evaluated on a Credit/No Credit basis. All work that meets the standard of HP- or higher will be deemed credit work. All assignments and readings must be completed on time, and all papers, sermons and class discussions must demonstrate a basic competence in understanding and applying the principles of the course