Prophetic Preaching

Spring 2017
M 1:30pm - 3:20pm
Area IV
Permission Not Required
Limited Enrollment
Course Description: 

At the heart of the witness of Hebrew and Christians scriptures is a prophetic Word of God that preachers are called to interpret and proclaim with honesty, integrity and compassion.  In this course participants will have an opportunity to explore the nature of prophetic preaching in the midst of church, nation and world, and to reflect upon the tensions and challenges presented when the prophet is also a pastor.  They will also explore strategies for faithful prophetic witness in the pulpit, and enhance their own skills as preachers of God’s two-edged Word.  Through readings, class discussion, and the preaching and critique of sermons, students will wrestle with how best to “speak truth in love” from the pulpit in ways that are faithful, relevant, and transformative for local faith communities.

Background Expected: 

Completion of Rel. 821 “Principles and Practices of Preaching” or equivalent introductory preaching course.

Course Requirements: 

1) Timely completion of all readings and written assignments.

2) Attendance at and active participation in all class sessions (no more than two class sessions—plenaries or sections–can be missed for any reason)..

3) Preaching in class of two sermons:  one that is based on a prophetic Biblical text, and one that is based on a contemporary social or political issue

4) Participation in team leadership of one class session centered around preaching on a particular social/political issue (such as war, racism, human sexuality, economic justice, the environment, etc.)

Basis of Evaluation: 

This course will be evaluated on a Credit/No Credit basis.  All work that meets the standard of HP- or higher will be deemed Credit work.  All assignments and readings must be completed on time, and all papers, sermons and class discussions must demonstrate a basic competence in understanding and applying the principles of the course