Sacrifice: Gift, Ritual, and Violence in Early Christianity

Spring 2017
TH 3:30pm - 5:20pm
Area I, Area II
Permission Not Required
Limited Enrollment
Course Description: 

This course will consider how Christianity developed its understandings and practices in relation to sacrifice, including its relations with Greco-Roman and Jewish texts and rituals, in the first four centuries CE. Attention will be paid to significant theoretical perspectives on sacrifice from anthropological and theological discourse, and to ancient texts, from the Bible to Augustine of Hippo.

Background Expected: 

Preference for students with NT or OT 1, and Transitional Moments I or History of Theology to 451.

Course Requirements: 

Weekly reading of primary and secondary texts; short class presentations; participation in discussions; two papers.

Basis of Evaluation: 

Two papers of 8-10 pages (65%); attendance, preparation, and participation in classes (15%); short class presentations (20%).