Scientific Thought and Christian Theology

Spring 2017
M 1:30pm - 3:20pm
Area II
Permission Not Required
Limited Enrollment
Course Description: 

This course does not attempt a comprehensive survey of the history of relations between science and theology, the areas of scientific research which raise religious issues, or theological doctrines which can be reconsidered in dialogue with science. It focuses on a few, key theological topics, exploring their expression and reformulation in dialogue with scientific perspectives. The result is an overview of major issues arising from physics (cosmology and quantum phenomena) and biology (evolution and neurological/cognitive research) in relation to divine action, incarnation, theological anthropology, salvation and eschatology.

Background Expected: 

No prior background in science is assumed. A basic familiarity with Christian theology is assumed. 

Course Requirements: 

Seminar expectations: reading done on time, assigned reading response papers

Discussion leadership and seminar preparation paper, two times in the semester

Final Paper: 15-20 pages 

Basis of Evaluation: 

Class Participation: reading report papers (Sat/UnSat), discussion participation: 25% of final grade

 Seminar Discussion Papers and Leadership:  25% of final grade

 Final Paper:  50% of final grade