Transformational Leadership - Continuity and Discontinuity: Leading Beyond Tradition

REL3900 03
Fall 2016
Nov 11th 4:00pm - 9:00pm, Nov 12th 8:30am - 4:00pm
Permission Not Required
Limited Enrollment
Course Description: 

Rev. Leslie Callahan is a scholar of American religion, and the pastor of a historic and vital congregation in Philadelphia. In the leadership of congregational ministry, what traditions need to be retained and built upon, and what traditions need to be retired… and how does a congregational leader approach change that challenges long time church members so that space can be made for the necessary and the new? This seminar will be specifically about congregational ministry, and class participants should have a specific congregation (or two) in mind for this work.  One Credit.

Background Expected: 


Course Requirements: 

Eddie Glaude. African American religion: A Very Short Introduction 

Renita Weems. Listening for God

Students are required to complete all reading before the course begins, and to commit to attending all course sessions during these two days.

Basis of Evaluation: 

In addition to full attendance and active participation, a 10 page reflection paper is due two weeks after the completion of the weekend course.