Women’s Ways of Preaching

Fall 2016
W 1:30pm - 3:20pm
Area IV
Permission Not Required
Limited Enrollment
Course Description: 

In this course students will have an opportunity to explore a variety of issues related to women and preaching, as they are also encouraged to discover, explore and enhance their own unique voices in the pulpit.  Topics to be addressed include: the history of women as preachers; women and the creative process, authority in the pulpit, Biblical and theological interpretation for preaching, sermon topics of special concern for women, and speech communication and embodiment in the pulpit.  Participants will be exposed to the sermons of diverse women preachers, and will also have he opportunity to preach two sermons in class.

Background Expected: 

Rel. 812 “Principles and Practices of Preaching” or its equivalent is a prerequisite for this course. 

Course Requirements: 
  1. Attendance at and preparation for all class sessions; active participation in class discussions. No more than 2 absences from plenaries or preaching sections are allowed for any reason. 
  2. Completion of all readings and daily assignments according to the syllabus schedule.
  3. Reading or listening to sermons by twelve different women preachers (one sermon per week) and writing several paragraphs in which you analyze the sermon’s strengths and weaknesses, and tell what you learned that is of value to you as a preacher.
  4. Writing a 5-7 page paper about the history of women as preachers (whether ordained or not) in your particular tradition.
  5. Preaching in class of two sermons:

–The first, a 15 minute sermon (including reading of the Biblical text) on a Biblical text about a woman (or women) of your choice;

–The second, a 15 minute sermon (including the reading of the Biblical text) that is based either on a Biblical “text of terror” and/or on an issue of special concern to women.  

Basis of Evaluation: 

This course will be evaluated on a Credit/No Credit basis.  All work that meets the standard of HP- or higher will be deemed Credit work.  All assignments and readings must be completed on time, and all papers, sermons and class discussions must demonstrate a basic competence in understanding and applying the principles of the course.