Andover Newton Theological School

Andover Newton Theological School, a historic seminary in the congregational tradition, will have a visiting presence at Yale Divinity School in the 2016-17 academic year. During that visiting season, Andover Newton and Yale Divinity School’s leaders will continue a discernment process toward possible formal affiliation.  Andover Newton, currently located in Newton, Massachusetts, will continue to offer classes in the Boston area through the 2017-18 academic year.

Andover Newton graduates have shaped religion in New England alongside Yale Divinity School graduates throughout the two Schools’ respective histories. The Schools share many values that make partnership in a time of significant change in religious practice both sensible and creatively inspiring. 

For over 200 years Andover Newton has educated clergy and other religious leaders dedicated to serving the church. Its theological commitment to educating toward transformative involvement in society, rather than setting the church apart from society, has led Andover Newton to take bold stances in the past against slavery, in favor of women’s ordination, toward full inclusion of LGBTQ candidates for ministry, and in the interest of promoting interfaith understanding.  

During the visiting year, Andover Newton’s three visiting professors, academic dean, president, and administrative assistant will work together to create an educational program in congregational ministry. The program design process will include pilot initiatives that will provide opportunities for current YDS students to become prepared to lead in locally-governed and theologically inclusive Christian faith communities.

Sarah Drummond

Visiting Associate Professor, Dean of Faculty & VP for Academic Affairs at Andover Newton Theological School

Kathleen J. Hamilton

Executive Senior Assistant for Andover Newton at Yale