Accreditation and Educational Effectiveness

Yale Divinity School is accredited by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in United States and Canada.

Students meet with success in a wide range of pursuits following graduation.  The results of a survey for a typical graduating class (2011) six months after graduation show that 64 percent of respondents were employed in ministry, education, the nonprofit and the for-profit sectors; 30 percent were pursuing further education; 4 percent were engaged in other activities; and 2 percent were unemployed and seeking work.

The typical length of time to complete the MDiv is within six years; the MAR is within four years; and, the STM within four years.  The percentage of matriculated students who graduated with the MDiv degree program was 85.25% in 2006; in the MAR degree program was 85.5% in 2008; and, in the STM degree program was 100% in 2008.


--Updated January 29th, 2013