Commitment to inclusivity

The ecumenical character of YDS—coupled with the growing range of racial, cultural and social associations on campus—nurtures students in their own faith and at the same time enhances their understanding of the many other traditions represented on campus.  YDS students represent a dynamic mix of denominations, racial/ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and other demographics. They come from across the U.S. and from around the globe. Daily morning worship in Marquand Chapel provides an ecumenical experience, while denominational services provide space for spiritual grown in a particular tradition.   Whether you like to sing, care for the earth, kick a soccer ball, do social justice, or play a musical instrument, there is a place for you at YDS among the many special interest groups organized and run by students.

Diversity YDS maintains a formal commitment to inclusivity, as delineated in the “Statement of Inclusivity” adopted by the faculty in 2010:

Statement of Inclusivity

By history, intention, and design, the Yale Divinity School community embraces a wide range of Christian traditions. Committed to serving church and world, it also welcomes people of various religious and nonreligious traditions, drawing wide the circle to include myriad perspectives.

Seeking to foster the knowledge and love of God through critical engagement with the traditions of the Christian churches, the Divinity School upholds the value of broad inclusivity and diversity in our academic, worship, and communal life.

We celebrate the fullness of race and color; denominational, political, theological, and cultural difference; the range of expressions of sexual and gender identity; and the varied voices that come with age, life experience, national and community service, and socioeconomic status.

In ecumenical conversation and in the space created that crosses traditionally entrenched positions, profound educational value is gained and diverse perspectives are presented.

To this end, we foster inclusivity and diversity through our academic, social, and spiritual practices. At the core of our intention is the deliberate encouragement of conversation across the lines of difference; attention to offering access to all aspects of our common life; consistent sensitivity to the uniqueness of each person’s background; and particular attentiveness to our words in speech, writing, prayer, and praise.

We value the worth and dignity of every member of the Divinity School community, as we build an environment where inclusivity and diversity are central and consistently affirmed.

revised 5/6/10