StudentsBerkeley Divinity School is a seminary of the Episcopal Church affiliated with Yale Divinity School. It offers Episcopal students the focus of a denominational seminary within the breadth of a university divinity school. As members of the largest single denominational group at YDS, Episcopalians enjoy a rich offering of academic, spiritual and worship resources across the whole spectrum of the Anglican tradition, with Episcopal faculty in each of the curricular areas. In addition to the Yale M.Div. degree, students may pursue a Diploma in Anglican Studies, which certifies their readiness upon graduation to serve in the Episcopal Church or wider Anglican Communion.

The diploma requires specific foundational courses in Anglican history, theology, spirituality and worship, as well as enrollment in the leadership colloquium, daily attendance in chapel, and active participation in the Annand Program for Spiritual Formation (including an annual class retreat). Morning Prayer and Eucharist are celebrated daily in St. Luke’s Chapel, located in the Berkeley Center one block from Sterling Divinity Quadrangle. A weekly Community Eucharist forms the focus of the school’s life. In addition, Berkeley sponsors the Educational Leadership and Ministry Program, which prepares students of all denominations for vocations in schools and colleges.

More information about the Diploma or Certificate in Anglican Studies can be found here.