Students preparing for ordained ministry in the Presbyterian Church (USA) can complete all of their ordination requirements during the course of M.Div. study at YDS and graduate fully prepared for ordination and for service within the church and beyond. Presbyterian students can sit for all ordination exams at YDS. Those preparing for ordination in the Reformed Church in America and the Christian Reformed Church normally register for a course of summer study at a Reformed Church seminary, which combined with a Yale M.Div. degree serves to complete the ordination requirements.

StudentsIn addition to providing all of the necessary academic preparation, YDS offers a Reformed Studies certificate program that recognizes a course of study in the theological and historical traditions as well as the acquisition of skills for leading worship and preaching. The Reformed Studies program offers the opportunity, beyond classroom work, for students to discuss and debate issues facing Christians in the modern world. The program is entirely voluntary, open to all YDS students, and not for credit. Members of the Presbyterian and Reformed Fellowship also gather over regular luncheon meetings, building strong connections with one another.

Students may complete a Certificate in Reformed Studies at YDS. Drawing on the considerable resources of those faculty members who identify themselves with the tradition, and the students from the PCUSA, UCC, RCA, PCA, CRC, and Disciples of Christ, YDS has formed a broad-based community of people committed to exploring the historical and contemporary issues facing the Reformed churches. The purpose of the certificate is to demonstrate to presbyteries and other denominational bodies that while at YDS students in the Reformed tradition are offered the courses and formation needed for ministerial preparation; to answer students’ request for a greater knowledge and awareness of what it is to be a part of that Reformed tradition; and to build community among those on campus who identify with the Reformed tradition. In addition to the courses required for completion of the certificate, students need to be aware of the specific requirements of their denominations, including, for instance, the requirements in biblical languages of the PCUSA. Students interested in enrolling in the certificate should contact Professor Bruce Gordon.

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