Religion & Public Health

Those who wish to improve the spiritual health and physical well-being of populations should strongly consider the dual-degree program between Yale Divinity School and the Yale School of Public Health (YPH).  In this program students will have the opportunity to do cutting-edge research on many of today‚Äôs most pressing public health questions in conjunction with their investigations into the theological dimensions of ancient and modern thought.  Doing so affords the student the ability to engage with complex public health problems, be they present in a nation or congregation, while cultivating an awareness of the spiritual realities of the world and its people. 

Students are required to apply simultaneously to both schools and indicate on the application that they are applying to the joint degree program.  Admissions decisions are made independently by each school.

If you wish to learn more about this exciting program, please email YDS's Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruiting Herron Gaston at, or Mary Keefe, the YPH Director of Admissions, at