Roman Catholic

StudentsRoman Catholic students at Yale Divinity School represent the second largest concentration of any single denomination on Sterling Divinity Quadrangle. Although no formal programs for priestly formation currently exist at YDS, many Catholic students are enrolled in the Master of Divinity program, preparing for lay ministry and leadership positions in the Catholic Church. Course offerings at YDS, ranging from “Catholic Liturgy, Dogma and Devotion” to “Roman Catholic Ecclesiology,” give Catholic students a solid grounding in their church’s history and a sense of its current challenges.

YDS professors and visiting faculty who are active Roman Catholics provide a rich intellectual resource as well. Outside the classroom, Catholic students and faculty gather weekly for Mass on the YDS campus, followed by refreshments and socializing. Once a month, the liturgy is followed by a dinner and a lecture offered by a Catholic individual involved in academic, ecclesial, or ministerial work. Opportunities for supervised ministry and formation experience are also available through the St. Thomas More Catholic Chaplaincy.