Student Groups

Diversity and inclusivity are core components of the educational philosophy of Yale Divinity School.  We celebrate the fullness of race and color, denominational, political, theological, and cultural difference, the range of expressions of sexual and gender identity, and the varied voices that come with age, life experience, national and community service, and socioeconomic status.

The following student groups are emblematic of the diverse and welcoming environment found at Yale Divinity School.

Baptist Student Fellowship

The Baptist Student Fellowship is the denominational group serving YDS students of all Baptist traditions. The goal of the group is to increase on-campus fellowship among students, faculty, and staff of various Baptist heritages, and to serve as a support for Baptist student connections to local Baptist churches and clergy.

Beatitudes Society

We are a community called to live into the prophetic witness preached by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. We seek to be peacemakers, voices of justice, servants of the poor, teachers of hard truths, and preachers of a liberating Word. Recognizing that prophetic work is hard and often lonely work, we come together to be the Body of Christ for and with one another. We gather monthly for an evening meal and a time of sabbath—a "non-performative" time when we can rest our minds, hearts, and bodies and renew our spirits.

Bible Belters

The Bible Belters is an all-male a cappella group open to Yale Divinity School men who like to sing all sorts of music—hymns and psalms as well as Barbershop and even Madonna!

Yale Black Seminarians

SingingBlack Seminarians is an interfaith student organization. Our mission is to foster the love of God through service and support of YDS. The organization also seeks to develop and maintain a community committed to a sound theological education that includes a relationship to the black experience. Activities have included the Fall Revival, the Martin Luther King Day Worship Service, the Angel Tree Project at Christmas, and the Parks-King Lecture in the spring. As an integral part of the YDS Community, the Black Seminarians remain committed to diversity among both students and faculty.

Catholic Fellowship

The Catholic Fellowship is an open and welcoming community that fosters adult Catholic faith and examines current church issues. Through weekly celebration of the Mass, community discussions, fellowship, and simple meals, the Catholic Fellowship prepares its members for future ministry in the church and provides a place for friendship and discernment.

The Coalition (Lesbian, Gay, Straight, Bisexual, and Transgendered)

The Lesbian, Gay, Straight, Bisexual and Transgendered Coalition is a fellowship of Yale Divinity School students, faculty, and staff of all sexual orientations dedicated to the full and equal participation of homosexual, bisexual, and transgendered people in church and society. The Coalition is committed to care for one another, seek justice for those who have been oppressed, and work for the full inclusion of all people in the family of God. The group provides materials on LGBT issues and information to members of the community dealing with related topics. In addition to ongoing discussion groups, the Coalition sponsors lectures, panels, worship services, and other educational, social, and cultural events.

Yale Divinity Drama

Yale Divinity Drama aims to provide a forum for new writers, actors, directors, producers and drama enthusiasts. YDD is committed to bringing performances of new dramatic and poetic works by students to the larger YDS community.

Yale Earth Care Committee

The Yale Earth Care Committee seeks to bring issues of creation care and ecological justice to the YDS community. Ecological concern encompasses a broad spectrum of issues, but this group seeks, primarily, to work on issues of sustainability in daily life at YDS. This includes working with students on practical daily habits and addressing these issues at the administrative level. In addition to advocacy, the Committee also hosts educational events around environmental issues and seeks to work with the Committee for Social Justice on ecological issues that connect with issues of social justice (eco-justice).

Episcopal Peace Fellowship

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship provides opportunities for all members of the Yale Divinity School community to connect, share, and witness for peace. Throughout the school year, EPF meets to engage in issues of peace and non-violence, through regular sessions devoted to spiritual and theological reflection, by organizing and participating in collective actions, and by sponsoring a variety of discussions, forums, and lectures.

Evangelical Fellowship

The Evangelical Fellowship (EF) is an ecumenical group of students committed to creedal orthodoxy, the trustworthiness of Scripture, the central importance of a vital relationship with Christ, and the call to share the gospel with all people. The Fellowship supports divinity students who share these commitments through their seminary experience by sponsoring programs aimed at spiritual and intellectual growth, critically engaging both the academy and evangelical traditions to glean what is best from each. The Evangelical Fellowship sponsors small groups for Bible study and prayer, opportunities to worship, discussions, speakers, and social events.

Yale Forum on Faith and Politics

The Yale Forum on Faith & Politics is a bipartisan student group committed to providing a place on campus where YDS conservatives and liberals alike can discuss political issues in a mutually respectful and engaging way.

Fans and Athletes at Divinity School (FADS)

Fans and Athletes at Divinity School (FADS) is the organization at YDS that promotes fellowship through athletics.  The group supports students in intramural sports in order to enrich life at YDS. The groups involved in FADS include, but are not limited to, the “God Squad” softball team and the “Paracleats” soccer team.

Former Profits

The Former Profits includes all second-career students who are experiencing student life with all of the joy and fear that any new phase in life would bring. Members support and care for one another, often eat together, share 'insider' information, and generally just enjoy making friends.

YDKAA (Yale Divinity Korean and Asian Association)

The Yale Divinity Korean and Asian Association provides a place for fellowship and the sharing of an ethnic bond and common faith. Although the group is organized by and for students with East Asian heritage, YDKAA welcomes the entire YDS community. Frequent meetings include East Asian-style dinners, an academic forum for discussion, and guest lectures.

YDLA (Yale Divinity Latino/a Association)

The Yale Divinity Latina/o Association is dedicated to creating space for Latina/o voices at YDS, as well as providing resources to promote theological and cultural education for an entire YDS student body preparing for services to the church and the world. The YDLA hopes to foster comunidad Latina: an open, welcoming place to learn, struggle, and celebrate.

The Open Party

The Open Party is a space for non-Christian or non-traditionally Christian students at Yale Divinity School to gather and discuss their roles and places within YDS and the larger mutli-religious community. In addition to regular meetings, the Open Party hosts the annual Taylor House Lecture series which honors an esteemed faculty member through a program of parodical lectures.

Lutheran Student Organization

Through worship, retreats, barbecues, and informal gatherings, the Lutheran Student Organization (LSO) provides fellowship for all students involved in the Lutheran traditions. Functioning within YDS’s Lutheran Studies Program, students plan Tuesday evening Vespers in the Henri Nouwen Chapel, joint Eucharist services with Berkley Divinity School, and morning school-wide services in Marquand. The LSO also sponsors guest speakers and discussion forums for issues pertinent to the YDS community.

Methodist Society

The Methodist Society is a network of YDS students, alumni, and colleagues who share in the Methodist tradition in its many diverse manifestations such as AME, Korean Methodists, and United Methodists. All who identify with the Wesleyan heritage are welcome, as well as new seekers searching for a circle of friends in faith. The Methodist Society provides a forum for mutual upbuilding, spiritual formation, doctrinal and polity concerns, and contact with local Methodist clergy. The Methodist Society meets regularly for fellowship, worship, guest speakers, community service, and other activities.

Outings Club

OutsideThe Outings Club integrates spirituality with outdoor experiences, sponsoring day and overnight trips as well as an extended wilderness trip each year. Outings Club excursions emphasize community, spirituality, and appreciation of God’s natural creation. Members learn about the local and regional landscape and developing new skills through participation to broaden educational experiences. Under the blue sky, on the trail, beside the campfire, or down the river, the YDS Outings Club provides opportunities for fellowship, spiritual growth, challenge, leadership, stimulation, and perspective beyond the classroom.

Presbyterian and Reformed Student Group

This group provides support, fellowship, and worship for all Presbyterian and Reformed students.

Sacramental Winers

The Sacramental Winers is an all female a cappella singing group. All women are welcome to audition, regardless of previous experience, and spouses are also welcome to audition. The ‘Winers’ sing for various events such as Fatted Cafés, faculty events, and chapel services. The Winers host a Spring concert at YDS, which serves as a fundraiser for a local organization. The Sacramental Winers’ repertoire includes sacred, spiritual, world, and pop music selections—all a cappella, all the time!

Yale Committee for Social Justice

The Yale Committee for Social Justice (YCSJ) provides opportunities for members of the Yale Divinity School community to integrate social justice concerns into their work and ministries. Throughout the school year, YCSJ hosts a number of discussions, forums, and lectures that address a variety of peace and justice issues, including such topics as violence/conflict in our world, socio-economic disparities, privilege and apathy, and more.

Total Praise

The Total Praise ensemble is not just a singing group; it is a Christian music ministry with particular employment of Christian music in the African American tradition. This group comprises worshippers of Jesus Christ committed to both encouraging one another to worship and to preserving their spiritual well-being.

United Church of Christ/Disciples of Christ

The UCC/DOC group gathers to share in times of fellowship over luncheon discussions, dinner socials, worship, and community service opportunities.

Women’s Center

The Women’s Center promotes reflection and action by, for, and among women. The Center welcomes all YDS women, from varying cultures, experiences and religious traditions, to gather for conversation, friendship, and spiritual growth. The Women’s Center seeks to support and connect with women of Yale and New Haven to inform, serve, and equip for global leadership. Programs include speakers and discussion groups, knitting groups, Bible studies, chapel services, volunteer opportunities, and Fatted Cafés.