A.J. (Han) van den Blink B.D. (M.Div.)

A note from A. J. (Han) vanden Blink: “Thank you for keeping me on the list of the Class of ‘62. Even though I received my BD that year, I entered YDS as a member of the Class of ’59, the year that those of you who are members of the class of ’62 began your studies at YDS. The three-year delay was due to illness and taking time off for CPE. This also means, of course, that I did not get to know any of you. Even though you have never met me, let me tell you a bit about myself. My professional career after YDS first took me to training in pastoral counseling and later to becoming a licensed psychologist working both at a clinic and later in private practice. I received my Ph.D. in pastoral theology from Princeton Seminary in 1972. My life took an unexpected turn in 1994, when I was in my late 50s, when I was ordained as an Episcopal priest and joined the Bexley Hall Episcopal Seminary faculty where I taught ascetical and pastoral theology until I retired in 2006. Since then I have kept busy with giving spiritual direction, giving occasional lectures and retreats, doing some interim work, and more recently working as priest in charge of St. Paul’s, a small Episcopal parish in Troy, PA, 26 miles south of my home in Elmira, NY, where I live with my wife Nelson. Our three children and grandchildren live in the area.  This comes with every good wish to you and all the members of the Class of ’62. Grace & Peace, A. J. (Han) van den Blink.

Denomination: Episcopal

Elmira, New York

Class of 1962 Secretary: Ronald P. Byars , ronaldbyars@windstream.net
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