Class Gift 2017

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  3. For “My contribution is to support:” choose “Divinity School Annual Fund”
  4. For “Please tell us anything else…about your gift.” enter: 2017 Class Gift
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God’s Gift!

“Fundraising is not a response to a crisis. It is a way of announcing our vision and inviting other people into our mission.”
- Henri J. Nouwen, internationally renowned priest and author, beloved YDS professor and pastor in The Spirituality of Fundraising

It has been a gift for us to attend Yale Divinity School and to receive guidance and instruction from renowned faculty, administrators, and alumni. We have received encouragement for our personal ministries and academic pursuits. Supportive family members, colleagues, and friends continue to affirm us as we prepare to leave YDS and invite others into our mission.

The generosity of those who have come before us has equipped us with the financial aid we needed to study at YDS; their gift made it possible for us to develop and announce our vision to the world.

Now is our opportunity to share “God’s Gift” by becoming “God’s Gift” to someone else! By contributing any amount to the 2017 Class Gift, students who come after us will be able to experience everything that has made this place so special for us.

Over 94% of YDS students receive financial aid and would not be able to attend YDS without this support. Every gift to the 2017 Class Fund makes a difference, and 100% will be used to provide scholarships for incoming students.

So, be “God’s Gift.” Give today!!

Class Agents:

Jason Land ‘17 M.Div., Co-chair Pauline Samuel ‘17 M.Div., Co-chair
James Cramer ‘17 M.Div. Andy McQuery ‘17 M.Div.

Dax Crocker ‘17 M.Div.

Justin Mikulencak ‘17 M.Div.
Ambre Dromgoole ‘17 M.A.R. Alex Nicolai ‘17 M.A.R.
Jon Heinly ‘17 M.Div. Jenny Peek ‘17 M.Div.
Johnie Jones ‘17 M.Div. Maggie Pierson ‘17 M.A.R.
Jason Land ‘17 M.Div. Pauline Samuel ‘17 M.Div.
Robert Laughton ‘17 M.Div. Pam Stevens ‘17 M.Div.
Katrina Manzi ‘17 M.Div. Tyler Ung ‘17 M.Div.
Kevin McKoy ‘17 M.Div.  

2017 Class Gift Honor Roll

Larissa Baker ‘01 M.Div.*

Gail Briggs*

Emily Bruce ‘19 M.Div.*

Sergio Buezo ‘17 M.A.R.

Jonathan Tyler Campbell ‘17 M.A.R.

Michael Carlson ‘80 M.Div.*

Vito Cavallo*

Jean Churchman ‘95 M.Div.*

Katrina Conde*

Gabby Cudjoe Wilkes ‘18 M.Div.*

Erin Flinn ‘17 M.Div.

Douglas Furth ‘18 M.Div.*

Peter Harrits ’09 M.Div. ‘11 S.T.M.*

Jonathan Heinly ’18 M.Div.*

Alexandra Nicolai ’17 M.A.R.

Jennifer Peek ‘17 M.Div.

Benjamin Hill ‘02 M.A.R.

Kimberly Hornung-Marcy ’80 M.Div.

Joanne Brown Jennings*

Michael Kurth ’18 M.Div.* 

Katrina Manzi ’17 M.Div.

Oana Marian ‘18 M.Div.* 

Sean Massa ‘18 M.A.R.*

Patrick McFadden*

Andy McQuery ’17 M.Div. 

Justin Mikulencak ‘17 M.Div.

Devin Modell*

Joshua Narcisse ‘19 M.Div.* 

Liza and Chris Pohl and Family*

Jordan Rebholz ’18 M.Div.*

Manuel Reimer ’17 M.A.R.

Tara Shepley ‘19 M.Div.*

Samantha Silverman ‘18 M.A.R.*

Kyle Smith ‘17 M.A.R.

Gregory E. Sterling*

Emily Theus ‘17 M.A.R.

Arthur Thomas ‘19 M.Div.*

Tyler Ung ‘17 M.Div. 

Andrew Walchuk ‘17 M.A.R.

Austin Yim ‘17 M.Div. 

* friend of the class