Sonja Anderson

Part-Time Acting Instructor in New Testament Greek

CV | Denomination: Roman Catholic

Sonja Anderson is a doctoral candidate in Religious Studies at Yale University (concentration: New Testament). Her research centers on Christian strategies of self-differentiation from other ritual and philosophical practices in the ancient Mediterranean, particularly as these relate to conversion, demons, the eucharist, monotheism, and apologetic literature. She is also interested in the use of contemporary theories of religion in the study of antiquity, as well as early modern histories of Christian origins. She is currently writing her dissertation, "Idol Talk: The Discourse of Idolatry in the Early Christian World," under the direction of Dale B. Martin and Hindy Najman.


B.A., Study of Religion, University of California Los Angeles

M.T.S., Biblical Studies, University of Notre Dame

M.A., M.Phil., Religious Studies, Yale University