Arthur Latimer

Mr. Arthur Latimer


Arthur Latimer was one of the country's first federal court magistrate judges.  With law degrees from Oxford and Harvard, he conducted hearings and trials in Connecticut's federal Court for over 20 years, was a lecturer at the University of Connecticut's Law School, and later an appellate judge for a Pequot tribe during the formative years of its court system.   He was also a member of the churches served by his wife, Kate Latimer, MDiv 1985, as a United Church of Christ minister.  When Kate returned to the divinity school to study Biblical Hebrew, STM 1998, Arthur also came to YDS, MDiv 1998, joining her in Hebrew language and related Scripture studies.  After his ordination in turn in the United Church of Christ, the two have served together in Connecticut churches as interim ministers.  The Latimers recently moved to Carmel, California, long the home town of members of Arthur's family, where they have resumed Hebrew study and substitute in local churches.

Carmel, California