Youth Ministry and Discerning God’s Action

Almost every youth worker was been confronted by the question, “What does God want me/us to do?” Whether around big changes to the ministry itself or around individual young people trying to discern the direction of their lives, we seek to follow God’s leading or God’s will. But how do we go about such processes of discernment? How do we know when it is God leading us and not just our conscience or something else? This presentation will explore a process of discerning with young people that focus on the action and direction of God in their lives.

Relationships Unfiltered a re-imagination of relationship ministry with young people

“Youth ministry: now” is offered in partnership with Berkeley Divinity School and the Yale Center for Faith and Culture’s Adolescent Faith and Flourishing Project. This colloquium is offered without cost though the generous support of the Wesley-Royce Leadership Grant and the Youth Ministry Initiative. The program consists of four luncheons, lectures, and networking time for pastors and youth ministry leaders with speakers who  explore the theological underpinnings of youth ministry and emerging trends for addressing the deepest needs of adolescents.

Event Speaker(s):

Andrew Root, Associate Professor and Carrie Olson Baalson Chair of Youth and Family Ministry, Luther Seminary

Recorded: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 - 12:00pm