In retirement, BOB GARTMAN and his wife, Patty, report that their children and their families are doing well. Both have now been retired for 12-15 years. Bob writes, “It’s been a good time of life. We’ve traveled much, enjoyed having our children and grandchildren near at hand. We both read a lot, take an interest in current affairs, volunteer work, church work and staying in touch with friends near and far. Our health continues good even though we’ve both had replacement parts like a hip for Patty and a knee for me. We’ve all lived through difficult times - some of achievement and others of struggle. We’ve tried to be on the progressive side of the issues of our times. Are things getting better? Sometimes I think not, what with endless war, schisms of all sorts with little hope of solution or compromise. Sadly, our grandchildren now in college may face a more difficult world than we. Our prayers are for their generation and global issues even more crucial than those of our times.”


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