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Shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats!  We're constantly selling all of these items, so please call us to ask if your size and color preference is in stock!  Check back often for more styles and designs.

LongSleeveGrey-Unisex long sleeve t-shirt: $22

100% cotton. Available in grey (above) and navy (below): ONLY SMALL SIZE left in stock



-Women's long sleeve t-shirt: $24

100% cotton. Available ONLY now in white: sizes Medium and Large 


Sweatpants-Women's sweatpants: $36

60% cotton, 40% polyester

SweatpantsDesign-Men's sweatpants: $32

70% cotton, 30% polyester


-Unisex hoodie: $36

-70% cotton, 30% polyester, 100% love.  Available in small, medium, and large navy (below) or grey (above).  Sorry, hot dude not included.



-Women's hoodie: $50

Our absolutely favorite new item!  60% cotton, 40% polyester.  In grey (above) or blue (below) with a button neckline and perfect women's fit



-Unisex crewneck sweatshirt: $32

-55% cotton, 45% polyester.  Available in navy (above) or grey (below).  You know you want it.



Baseball Cap

-Baseball Cap: $19

-One of our best sellers!  Embroidered YDS Seal with an adjustable velcro strap for "one size fits most."


-Hooded Winter Jacket with embroidered YDS Seal: $60 (only size L remains)

-100% polyester with a fantastic fleece inner lining.  Only a few's our warmest jacket ever!



 Best Sellers

Here are a few items we see come in...and go out...of our store most quickly.

Coffee Mugs

YDS or Berkeley Coffee Mug: $10

You know....for drinking.

Rocks Glasses

Berkeley Rocks Glass: $12, YDS Rocks Glass: $10

You know....for DRINKING.


Water BottleYDS Water Bottle: $20

You know...for drinking on the go.

MarquandCrossMarquand Cross: $45

Made by New Hampshire native Woody Shook, this beautiful, Cherry and Pau Amarello wood cross was handmade and finished with Danish Oil. Created with care specifically for Student Book Supply patrons to carefully match the cross atop Marquand Chapel at YDS, it measures 3" wide by 5" tall and can be worn or hung for decoration

KeyRingMagnet, Keyring, Bottle Opener, Keychain bottle opener: $5, $6, $7, $8 (L to R, respectively)!

We divinity students aren't great at counting/math, but these numbers are easy enough to remember.


UmbrellaSmallPersonal-size umbrella: $18

It's 17" in diameter, and we recommend you use it when it rains.

 UmbrellaLargeGolf umbrella: $28

Measuring at a whopping 55", we still recommend you use it when it rains--just invite a few friends

Lapel PinLapel pin: $4 (currently out of stock)

Small in size (1" tall), large in meaning (you are an erudite, ambitious, and dilligent person who proudly remains a puer/a of your alma mater, Yale Divinity School).



Here's a sampling of other popular items we have in the store.  See something you like?  Call us!  Don't see something you want?  Call us!


Stickers galore!  Prices are as marked in the photo.


Lanyards: $5

Pick a style ("ring style" in top on photo, "clasp style" in bottom on photo)


Tote Bag: $17

In blue, teal, or red, this bag measures 18" long, 12" tall, and 5" deep.  With the YDS emblem and motto screen printed on an external pocket, it's a great on-the-go bag!


YDS Travel Thermos: $12 (temporarily out of stock)

Hot or cold, this'll keep your drink the way you want it: all the while, of course, working your Yale Divinity swagger.


Wooden Crosses (by Woody Shook): $35-$45

Multiple styles, multiple wood types, multiple chances to have a beautiful pectoral or decorative cross!  Wear it for a special service or hang it on the wall in your home or office.  Feel free to call us and ask about prices, designs, and availability.

Ladies' Watch
Ladies' YDS Watch
Ladies' Berkeley Watch
Ladies' Berkeley Watch
Men's Watch
Mens' YDS Watch
Men's Berkeley Watch
Mens' Berkeley Watch

YDS or Berkeley Watches: $120

Take your pick!  Ladies' and Men's styles with either the YDS or Berkeley Divinity School crest engraved on the watch face.  What time is it?  Time to purchase one of these watches!



Diploma Frames

With several options, including "design your own frame," these solid hardwood frames include a museum quality mat, perfectly sized to fit your Yale diploma.

Find out more by coming to the Student Book Supply or order online.


Premiere 23K Gold Medallion: $210 (best seller)


Signature 23K Gold Medallion: $180


Regency Embossed: $150


Gallery Embossed: $150