On-Campus Recruiting

On campus recruiting is currently restricted, but we expect to be able to offer this in late September 2011, pending full implementation of the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell policies.

It is important to us that all students have equal opportunity to apply for positions.  Therefore, the following are the options for potential employers who wish to recruit our students on campus. We do not have an option of pre-selection that does not allow all qualified students a fair chance to at least apply.  (It is assumed, in all cases, that interviews are restricted to those that will graduate within the year, unless you state otherwise.) Employers that do not wish to come on campus have the option of directly contacting students via the resume book and making off-campus arrangments on their own.

  •  Information sessions. You may schedule a session that describes the position or positions available and the attributes of  working for that church, organization, school or business. (Frequently done in conjunction with, or a few weeks prior to any of the following options).
  • Open sign-up interviews. This often accompanies an information session, and is an opportunity for any student who wants an interview to have the opportunity to sign up for one.  Employers agree to interview anyone that signs up by a specific deadline (set by the employer). 
  • Semi-Open sign-up interviews.  Similar to open sign-up interviews, students request the chance to interview. Employers may restrict this by putting ONE stipulation onto the sign-ups. (If you want more than one stipulation, you should switch to a pre-selected interview format).  An example might be "open signups for Episcopalians (and those in full communion with the Episcopal Church)" or "open signups for bilingual Spanish speakers" 
  • Pre-Selected Interviews.  This is where the employer sets a due date and all interested students submit resumes (or other materials) by that date.  Career Services forwards all materials to the employer who pre-selects specific students for interview.  Career Services will manage scheduling those interviews for the employer and pre-selected students. 
  • Recruited Interviews.  By December, an online resume book will be available. Potential employers may ask to see this, and peruse the resumes of all students that have agreed to participate.  Additionally, potential employers may contact the career services director and ask her to run a sorting program based on several criteria (for example, UCC students who rank preaching and youth ministry as top interest areas, or all students open to teaching as a career option). The director can then give you a list of names meeting your criteria and you can look up only those applicants in the resume book. Potential employers may then directly request interviews with selected students from that list (who may accept or decline the interview).  Career Services will manage scheduling those interviews. 
  • Combination Pre-Selected (or Open) and Recruited Interviews: (Note, this is the preferred method for Berkeley Divinity School).  In this format, the position is advertised to all students and all of those eligible are invited to apply.  The employer, though, may make individual contact with students that he or she finds desirable via their inclusion in the Resume Book, and personally request their participation in the on-campus interview.

 We have wonderful students and hope you will make the time to meet them! For more information, or to set up a recruiting visit, please contact

Susan Olson in the Divinity Career Office.