Credential Files and Portfolios

Yale Divinity School has partnered with Interfolio to provide Credential Files and Online Portfolios for students.  The Divinity School will pay the associated fees for students to use one or the other during their final year of studies.  Even without the financial help, the programs are very inexpensive. 

Credential Files are a repository for all the important documents that outline your credentials for employment.  Confidential reference forms may be sent there, as well as secure transcripts, cover letters, resumes, CVs, copies of papers and articles, etc.  Once the documents are gathered, Interfolio will send the whole thing, in an attractive packet, to prospective employers and graduate programs, upon your request (you also pay a small fee with each mailing).  This system is not accepted by all graduate programs, so you do have to check before you send, but students have found it to be quite helpful.  For employment, this system is quite useful for those that might be applying for teaching jobs or for any kind of work overseas, where letters of reference are commonly used (US jobs tend toward contacing references for phone conversations, though there are exceptions).  Your documents are able to be edited as often as you like and--this is very helpful--as often as your reference writers like.  They have access to their letter and can change, update, or personalize it very easily. 

Portfolios are an online professional presence.  You can use them to elaborate on your resume, to post links to other sites (with your sermon tapes, for example), and to establish a professional identity.  This option is helpful for pastor types who might feel that a resume or your denomination's paper work is not as detailed as preferable, for those seeking work in non-denominational or inter-denominational settings, and for creative types who would like to display their work as part of an application.