Missionary Work & International Development

Both missionary and international development work have been successful career paths for our grads. 

Missionary Work

The process of becoming a missionary varies by denomination.  In most cases, one must begin the process of applying for a missionary position by early winter.  Openings in the mission field are for both domestic and international service, vary by time commitment and include opportunities for teachers, health educators, professors, pastors, youth workers, engineers, construction, volunteer management, agriculture specialists and more. 

Some starting points:

     Episcopal Medical Missions Foundation

     Our Little Roses Episcopal Foreign Ministry Society

     Episcopal Haiti Connection

     UMC General Board of Global Ministries

     Appalachia Service Project (Methodist)

     International Ministries (American Baptist)

     Global Ministries (United Church of Christ/Disciples of Christ)

     Mennonite Mission Network

     Africa Inter-Mennonite Mission

     Eastern Mennonite Missions

     Lay Mission Helpers (Catholic)

     Assemblies of God World Missions

     US Center for World Mission (Ecumenical)

     United World Mission (Ecumenical)

 International Development

Interested in working in international development outside of missionary work?  For starters, you should absolutely connect with the Jackson Center here at Yale—their career office is open to all who are interested in international work of any kind. Their LinkedIn page advertises dozens of jobs each week! 

A few other sites of interest would include:


Development Worker

Relief Web


Peace Corps