Online Magazine Founder and Editor

Rahiel TesfamariamPhoto of Rahiel T

M.Div., Yale Divinity School

B.A., Stanford University

Consultant and Online Magazine Founder

During the summer months after my graduation from YDS, I worked alongside Brown University Professor Tricia Rose to develop and facilitate workshops for churches on progressive Christian strategies for Hip-Hop. This was also the period in which I worked closely with the Fund for Theological Education’s Scholar-in-Residence Dori Baker as part of Team epoH, offering vocational discernment trainings for seminarians and youth ministers. These were rich experiences that transitioned me nicely into my full-time position as a program director at a faith-based nonprofit in my hometown of Washington, DC.

Serving as the Region 1 Lead Entity Director at East of the River Clergy Police Community Partnership, I oversaw the Rising Youth Coalition, a community-based continuum of care made up of 40 nonprofits that serviced over 450 youth committed to the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS), the District of Columbia’s cabinet level juvenile justice agency. This was a very demanding and politically-charged position that led to many devastating phone calls on my cell phone announcing youth homicides, as well as having to regularly testify about the controversial reform effort before the D.C. City Council. In the end, it was my experiences in that position that led me to want to find a middle ground between praying for systemic change and offering direct services.

The middle ground that I found for myself was in the recent founding of Urban Cusp, a multimedia and consulting company that seeks to inspire reflection, stir the imagination, and bring about positive transformation within urban communities globally through multimedia use and by providing writing, speaking, and consulting services. My clients are primarily nonprofit organizations and churches. At present, much of my energy is going towards, which is a cutting-edge online magazine highlighting progressive urban culture, faith, social change, and global awareness. The site profiles inspirational artists, offers op-eds from diverse perspectives on a variety of issues, and serves as an informal online community for people with similar interests. I launched it on July 1, 2011 to offer a platform for voices, ideas and images not commonly found within mainstream media. Urban Cusp is driven by the belief that the transforming of the mind is the gateway to individual and communal renewal (Romans 12:2).