Ordained and Lay Parish Ministry

The best preparation for work in a ministry setting is solid and broad coursework, strong internships that stretch the students understanding of ministry, and intentional discernment and formation.  Those seeking ordained ministry should be in contact with their denominations to determine specific requirements. With denominational ordination processes, there is no such thing as too much communication or documentation!

 Lay ministry is an option for those who are unable to be ordained or who do not feel called to ordination. Lay ministers have been selected for youth work, children’s ministry, musical leadership, visitation, and many forms of chaplaincy as well.

Positions in ordained ministry, and some lay ministries are most often found via a specific denominational process that your ordaining body will instruct you on how to access.  Additional listings can be found in interdenominational websites. Most often students use a form specific to his or her denomination. Often a collection of CDs or DVDs demonstrating the applicant’s skill in preaching will be needed as well.  Additionally, most individuals seeking ordained work will also need a resume.  These will be used for any positions that are outside of denominational systems (campus ministries, interdenominational), and are also frequently requested by churches once they are later in the process of selection. 

Timelines vary widely by denomination.  Some denominations do their primary hiring for entry-level positions in the winter and early spring. Others do not begin reviewing applications until after graduation is complete. Searches for pastoral ministry typically take about 6 months from initial paper application until the individual starts the position—and sometimes longer.   

For information about ordained college chaplaincy and campus ministry jobs, please also see the higher education page.

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