Resume Writing, Resume Book

Resume workshops are designed to introduce students to the process of writing and refining their resumes and CVs. We use a system called Optimal Resume, which allows students to create their resumes and CVs online, focusing on the content of the document and allowing the computer program to do all the formatting for you! Workshops are held frequently in the beginning of the year and occassionally after that and ordinarily are attended prior to beginning to write a resume or CV.  If a student feels he or she can manage the system without attending a work-shop, she or he can register here.  Further instructions for inclusion in the resume book, or for non-resume book resumes and CVs may be downloaded here.  If a student tries the online system but can't figure it out, she or he should attend an orientation. After registering for the system, if you would like to look at a print copy of sample resumes (it's an older book no longer in use), please stop by the office to pick one up. 

Graduating students who would like to have their resumes included in a resume book (actually an online book) for recruiting purposes should attend a workshop as soon as possible. The first deadline for inclusion is early in October. Later resumes will be added on the first of each month, which means that the student should submit a week prior to that. Inclusion in the book has advantages to the student---one might be recruited for a position, for example, or have the help of an alum in helping to network toward a position.   Students may be added to the book late, but only on the first of every month thereafter. Early inclusion is to your advantage. 

Alumni/ae (defined as those that have completed coursework and are not currently enrolled in classes) are welcome to participate in both the optimal resume system and the resume book. There is a fee associated with that. The fee is collected by Optimal Resume directly. 

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