Welcome to Career Services!

In 2003, Yale Divinity School became one of only a handful of theological schools offering professional career services to its students.  Since that time, we have seen significant improvements in the numbers of our graduates going on to full time work in engaging and interesting fields.    In addition to programs offered at Divinity Career Services, we collaborate with other graduate offices on the university’s campus for other programs and events. To get information about the types of services we provide, check out the Services and Resources Links on the left. To peek into the career paths of YDS alumni/ae, check out our virtual career fair.  Last, the resources for specific career goals section will provide you with information and resources unique to the paths you may be pursuing. 

Students are encouraged to utilize the resources of the career office early and often throughout their educational programs at the Divinity School, particularly if your vocational direction is unclear, or if you are traveling a less-frequently traveled path. I have experience and training (MA in counseling plus the MDiv) and enjoy working with students to help discern or plan for a future.  For an individual appointment (current students), log into DivLink to schedule one. Students will also find job postings, event registration, and downloadable resources on DivLink. 

Unfortunately it is not possible for counseling or posting services to be offered to student spouses and partners.

Alumni/ae may access job postings and events through a separate portal into DivLink.  Sign up for that here. (Do note that you will be asked for a netid.  If you do not remember your net id, or if you never had one,  just make one up.  Really--it doesn't matter what goes in that box, if you're not a current student. You just have to fill the box. 

To stay on top of opportunities and programs offered by our office, sign into DivLink

Employers seeking to advertise an opportunity for our students and alumni/ae, please post an opportunity here. 


The Rev. Susan K. Olson M.Div.’93