Charles Garrettson M.A.R.

After a quite spectacular midlife crisis, my life has happily settled down to one of great satisfaction...and thus reasonable happiness. I hold the Perkins Chair of History at my old alma mater: The Hill School, where I teach history and philosophy. Boarding school is definitely not a normal adult life, but somehow I feel born for it, and cannot see myself anywhere else. Spiritually, I am at this point a combination of Episcopalian and Taoist, with a very healthy measure of Socratic Method thrown in for extra spice. I have meditated ever since my YDS days, and I have studied taijiquan--an ancient Chinese martial art/health practice for the last eleven years, and was certified Level 1 Reiki practicioner a while ago, so I am trying to live out some of the best of both Western and Eastern insight...and loving it. My wife died two years ago, but my personal life is sustained by loving my 25-year old daughter and 18-year old son, with whom I enjoy very close ties.  I am actively looking for a bungalow by the sea in Maine, where I go every summer. The long range plan/fantasy is to spend summer/fall in Maine, and then winter/spring in Charlottesville. Meanwhile I remain happily ensconced in teaching/parenting/photographing/qigong.

Denomination: Episcopal

Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Class of 1978 Secretary: Vaughan D. McTernan ,
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