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Class Gift AgentsThink about where you were two or three years ago, and think of where you are today, getting ready to graduate from Yale Divinity School. How has your life been transformed by this place and these people? We have all been changed here: over classroom discussions, through long nights spent writing papers in the library, by chats at community dinners, and so much more.

How did you decide to come to YDS? More than likely, financial aid had something to do with it. Did you know that over 90% of students at YDS receive financial aid? That means that the vast majority of us couldn’t be here without the generosity of those who came before us. Next year, a new group of students will begin their time here at YDS and will be relying on our generosity to have the kinds of transformative experiences we have. Every dollar of the 2014 Senior Class Gift goes directly to student financial aid.

Take a moment and donate to the Senior Class Gift.  In doing so you will help change someone’s life as your life has been changed, and you will be building the future of Yale Divinity School. Donate TODAY!


How to donate:

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  2. Fill in the personal information on the Online Giving page.
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  5. Click on the Next button at the bottom. You will be taken to a secure page to enter credit card information.Submit this form and your donation is made.
  6. Relax and enjoy the warm feeling of goodness.


Class Gift Honor Roll

Joel Bergeland

Jewelle Bickel

Gail Briggs, Friend of the Class

Patrick Burrows

Vincent-Manuel Bury, Friend of the Class

Katherine Cadigan

Jenna Cobb

Angel Collie

Alanna Copenhaver

Justin Crisp

Derick Dailey

Claire Dietrich

Sara Doughton

Rachel Downs

Hannah Dreitcer

Dr. Alexander Eich, Friend of the Class

Corinne Ellis

Faculty Member, Friend of the Class

Jamilah George, Friend of the Class

Sarah Ginolfi

Linda Griggs

Campbell Harmon, Friend of the Class

Megan Holding

Maeba Jonas

Kendra Joyner

Gilim Jung

Elyssa Kanet

Timothy Kennedy

Drew Konow

Daniel Ledford, Friend of the Class

Kathleen Lichti

Jessica Litman

James Maury

Daniel Miller

Richard Roughton

Jon Kara Shields

Sally Slater

Randall Spaulding

Will Stanley, Friend of the Class

Dean Gregory E. Sterling, Friend of the Class

Mykal Tairu

Anne Thatcher

Michael Thornton, Friend of the Class

Stephanie Thurston

Ellen Tillotson

Matthew Vermiere

Raissa von Doetinchem de Rande

Rodney Walker

Chris Washnock

Christian Watkins

Joshua Wright

Matthew Zelie