Class Gift 2015

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Gratitude: Our Response

Grace and gratitude belong together like heaven and earth.  Grace evokes gratitude like the voice of an echo.  Gratitude follows grace like thunder lightning. --Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics, IV.1

Class Gift Agents

As we think back on our time at YDS, we are filled with gratitude. We are grateful for the opportunities for worship and for our professors who challenge and affirm us. We are also grateful for our classmates. We decided to be a part of this campaign because we realize so many of us would not be here without some sort of financial assistance.

Over 90% of students at YDS receive financial aid. That means that the vast majority of us could not be here without the generosity of those who came before us. Next year, a new group of students will begin their time here at YDS and will be relying on our generosity to have the kinds of transformative experiences we have. Every dollar of the 2015 Senior Class Gift goes directly to student financial aid.

Gratitude for our time here is not just a sentiment--it’s an opportunity to take action. An opportunity to give back a fraction of what has been given to us through our classes, conversations, and all that has drawn us closer to God. Take a moment and donate to the Senior Class Gift.  In doing so you will help change someone’s life as your life has been changed, and you will be building the future of Yale Divinity School. Donate TODAY!

- Miriam Samuelson and David Telfort, Class Gift Co-chairs


Class Agents:

Win Bassett

Natalie Blasco

Megan Bergert

Emilie Croakley

Jaimie Crumley

Meredith Day

Donna Desilus

Malcolm Foley

Randy Goldson

Erin Grayson

Stephen Hagerty

Kishundra King

Daniel Ledford

Andrew Moore

Jane Pearce

Allen Reynolds

Peter Schattauer

Will Stanley

Jordan Trumble

LaShawn Warren

Kathy Vernon-Williamson

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  3. For "My contribution is to support:" choose "Divinity School Annual Fund"
  4. For "Please tell us anything else...about your gift." enter: 2015 Class Gift
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  6. Click on the Next button at the bottom. You will be taken to a secure page to enter credit card information.Submit this form and your donation is made.
  7. Relax and enjoy the warm feeling of goodness.


Class Gift Honor Roll

Jane Abbottsmith

Kenyon Adams

Mesha Arant

Timothy Avery

Nicole Benevenia

Megan Bergert

Gail Briggs, Friend of the Class

Win Bassett

Clark Bristol

Martha Brundage

Cheryl Bundy

Billy Challis, Friend of the Class

Emilie Coakley

Jamie Crumley

Meredith Day

Kevin Dean

Donna Desilus

Sarah A. Dunn

Kevin Durazo

Isabelle Erb

Rev. Laura Fitzpatrick-Nager, Friend of the Class

Malcolm Foley

Andrew Forsyth, Friend of the Class

Herron Gatson

Jamilah George

Elizabeth Gleich

Randy Goldson

Erin Grayson

Stephen Hagerty

Campbell Harmon, Friend of the Class

Chauncey Harrison

Hartwell Hylton

Jonathan Heinly, Friend of the Class

Ron Huffman

James Jenkins

Kelli Joyce

Timothy Kennedy, Friend of the Class

Joshua King

Kishundra King

Krisitan Kohler, Friend of the Class

Mark Koyama

Tom Krattenmaker, Friend of the Class

Gabriel Kushin

Patrick J. Landers

Victoria Larson

Nathan Leach

Daniel Ledford

Juyeon Lee

Jessica Litman

Rachel Malinowski

Steven Maasbach

Jeff Matsler

Sean McAvoy, Friend of the Class

Lucas McConnell

Lianne McCray

Kathryn McNeal

Jacquelyn Mercer, Friend of the Class

Megan Mitchell

Tyler Montgomery

Andrew Moore

Kayla Beth Moore

Elliott Munn

Timothy Ng

Charlies Oates, Sr., Friend of the Class

Jane Pearce

Timothy Peoples

Allen Reynolds

Yolanda Richard

Emily Roebuck

Yolanda Rolle



Yana Sobora

Miriam Samuelson

Jean Santopatre

Peter Schattauer

Jordan Scruggs

Maria Pira Seirup

Adam Sharp

Betsy Shirley

Andrew Sowers

Will Stanley

Andrew Steffan

Gregory Sterling, Friend of the Class

Pam Stevens, Friend of the Class

Sarah Stewart

Deanna Stocker

Kristen Provost Switzer

Barbara Talbott, Friend of the Class

Lucious Taylor

David Telfort

Peter Thompson

Christopher Timm

Jordan Trumble

Grant Underwood

LaShawn Warren

Christopher Washnock, Friend of the Class

Porsha Williams 

Kathy Williamson

Norman Wirzba, Friend of the Class

Austin Yim, Friend of the Class

Marcus Yoder

Norita Yoder