What We Do


Our class has accomplished great things in our time at YDS. This page will be devoted to highlighting these acts, and graduatings students are encouraged to share stories and photos with Kate and Alex. From cultural/religious dialogue trips to Saudi Arabia and China, to victory over Harvard Divinity School in the inaugural YDS-HDS Frisbee "The Game", to the work in New Haven on community engagement and oranizing, this class has left a great mark on the school and community.

YDS has provided that opportunity. YDS affords students the chance to learn in and out of the classroom with world class professors and colleagues. Students are treated with the opportunity to practice their study literally across the entire world. As students look forward to their next steps, they can look back at the past few years:  the gifts they've been given, and the gifts they're leaving as well.


Here is the link to Sabrina Moran's blog. Sabrina, Class of 2012 MAR in Philosophical Theology/Theology of Religion, somehow finds time on top of her school work to be world-class ultramarathon runner and an all-around fantastic person:


The Yale Divinity School Coalition's "It Gets Better" video (a project spearheaded by student body president and class of 2012 grad-to-be, Jared Gilbert):



Class of 2012 student Carlene Demiany on a news broadcast during the 2012 National Festival of Young Preachers (Carlene's improvised sermon begins at 4:45):

Why the Candy Bowl?

There are a number of images at YDS that we could have used to talk about "participation" in the Class Gift. For many, Marquand Chapel is a space of welcome and comaraderie through worship. The Common Room is a space where students share coffee, conversation, and respite from studying  under the watchful and comforting gaze of past deans (at least some of them are comforting). Images of our esteemed Deans Attridge, Townes, Peterson, or Ramirez would speak of the myriad sources of support this school gives us.

But instead, we chose a wicker basket with some pieces of high fructose corn syrup--excuse us, "corn sugar"--in colorful wrappers. What gives?

The Candy Bowl has been a constant, a stable force for us since we arrived. Every day, this bowl, which sits outside Dean Peterson's office, is filled with assortments of colorful confectionary. When it's raining outside, the Candy Bowl is there with bright colors for us. Winter blues? The Candy Bowl's Peppermint Patties warm us up. When we receive top marks (or not-so-top) on exams, we can celebrate with nuggets of joy.

The Candy Bowl was one of the first parts of YDS we were told about during BTFO; the very name of the BTFO blog is "The Candy Bowl". We feel there is no better image for iliciting a general sense of comfort from YDS students than the Bowl that has been there for us from day one. As we prepare to leave, some of us with uncertainty over call and career, the ever-present memory of the Candy Bowl's unassuming, solid presence is an image of comfort and solace.

THAT'S why the Candy Bowl.