Why You Matter

Dean Attridge has been instrumental to our presence and experiences here as a Class. Since he is ending his time at YDS as Dean (so in a way, he's "graduating" with us), we asked him for his thoughts about the meaning of giving to the Class Gift.

There is no other way to put this--you matter. Donations to YDS allow students to engage themselves and their peers, learn from some of the preeminent scholars in the world, and discern their place in the world.

Over 90% of students receive aid from YDS. If you're a student here, chances are you benefited from the support of those who went before you. If you didn't directly, you know that your friends, your colleagues, and your classmates did.  Now is the chance to give back, and enable future students to benefit in the same way.


Every dollar given is used for student aid. It's rare that any organization can claim that in these days of high overhead costs. But it's true--every dollar you donate is used in full to support student financial aid. Whether you're a student, and alumnus, a family member, a friend, or a congregation, you can rest assured that every cent of your donation is given directly to students who rely on support to continue their education. You matter.


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