David Koehler M.Div.

First,  I am still glowing from our October 2012 reunion. It was so good to reconnect with old classmates.  I was very proud to be a member of this group of young men and women who went on to live such noble and purposeful lives. Second, I continue to be in "Christmas card contact" with a number of these classmates and I have been in closer touch with Woody Richardson via phone and with Jim White who was out fishing the last time I was in Colorado Springs  trying to see him. Third,   Mary Beth and I are simplifying our lives and putting our beloved ocean vacation house on the market.   We've been enjoying the past dozen years of serving as "stewards" of this mile of oceanfront and these 100 acres of woods and meadows and rocks. Fourth, amidst the decline of mainline denominations and their shrinkage in the inner city, my wife and I are lucky to belong to a downtown church that continues to  thrive and grow and recently surpassed 3,000 members (Westminster Presbyterian in Minneapolis). It places great emphasis on outreach - from massive support for affordable housing in our own city to partnerships with congregations from Cuba to Cameroon to Bethlehem. People of all ages seem to be attracted to this mission of service. Joan Mondale's memorial service was held here in February. Finally, I have been drawn to Erik Erikson's wisdom regarding the stages of life, and his admonition that the last stage is a stage for integration in which we are summoned to eschew excuses and rationalizations and accept our lives as we led them - the good and not so good. We are challenged to accept ourselves and integrate our past into our present. When asked the question, "Is it OK to have been me?" we are encouraged to find a way to YES.  Peace, David.

Denomination: Presbyterian, USA

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Class of 1962 Secretary: Ronald P. Byars , ronaldbyars@windstream.net
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