Community Life Committee

The Community Life Committee (CLC) is a Standing Committee of the General Faculty of the Divinity School comprised of faculty members, administrators, and student representatives. Faculty members and administrators are appointed by the Dean, with one serving as co-chair. The other co-chair is held jointly by the student coordinator(s). Other students serving on the Committee include the Student Government President and four elected members of the student body. 

Other students serving on the Committee include four elected members of the student body: a first-year student, a second-year student, a third-year student, and an at-large member. The Student Government President may also serve on the CLC.

CLC Leadership for 2016-2017                                        


Nicholas Alton Lewis, Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Margaret Pierson, Coordinator

Faculty and Administration Members

Cathy George, Associate Dean and Director of Formation, Berkeley Divinity School
Joyce Mercer, Professor of Pastoral Care and Practical Theology
Susan Olson, Assistant Dean of Community Life and Career Services

Student Members

Julie Davis, 1st Year Representative
Deniqua Washington, 2nd Year Representative
TBD, 3rd Year Representative
Qadry Harris, At-Large Representative

Student Organizations

Asian Students Association (ASA)
Coordinators: Joshua Chang
Asian Students Association (ASA) provides a place for fellowship in the sharing of an ethnic bond and common faith. ASA is an inclusive space and community for students of Asian heritage, whether domestic or international students, along with fellow YDS students that are interested in advocacy of Asian/American issues. Frequent meetings roundtable discussions on current Asian/American theological issues, academic forums for the advancement of Asian-American theology, and fellowship gatherings.

Baptist Student Fellowship
Coordinators: George Chochos
The Baptist Student Fellowship is the denominational group serving all YDS students of the Baptist of Free Church heritage. The goal of the group is to increase on-campus fellowship between students, act as support for free church style worship services in Marquand Chapel, and serve as a liaison between local Baptist churches and clergy and YDS.

DivOut (Formally The LGBTQIA Coalition)
Coordinators: Jordan Graf and Jenny Peek
DivOut is a fellowship of Yale Divinity School students, faculty, and staff of all sexual orientations and gender identities dedicated to the full and equal participation of gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, queer, transgender, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming people in faith communities and society. We are committed to care for one another, to seek justice for those who have been oppressed, and to work for the full inclusion of all people in the family of God. We provide materials on LGBTQIA issues and information to members of the community dealing with related topics. In addition to ongoing discussion groups, DivOut sponsors lectures, panels, worship services, and other educational, social, and cultural events.

Episcopal Peace Fellowship
Coordinator: TBD
The Episcopal Peace Fellowship provides opportunities for all members of the Yale Divinity School community to connect, share, and witness for peace. Throughout the school year, EPF meets to engage in issues of peace and non-violence: through regular sessions devoted to spiritual and theological reflection, by organizing and participating in collective actions, and by sponsoring a variety of discussions, forums, and lectures. 

Evangelical Fellowship 
Coordinator: Evan Parke
Evangelical Fellowship exists to bless the entire community at Yale Divinity School through its commitment, in word and deed, to the Good News of Jesus Christ. It seeks to support the spiritual growth of each and every student by offering times for prayer, study, discussion, and service throughout the academic year. All are welcome!

Families and Ministry at YDS (F.A.M.S)
Coordinators: Jillian Morrison and Kathryn McKee-Dunar
F.A.M.S. is a service group that addresses the needs of the student families and partners in ministry at Yale Divinity School. 

Fans and Athletes at Divinity School (FADS)
Coordinator: TBD
Fans and Athletes at Divinity School (FADS) is the organization at YDS that promotes fellowship through athletics. We seek to support students in intramural sports in order to enrich life at YDS. The groups involved in FADS include, but are not limited to, the “God Squad” softball team and the “Paracleats” soccer team.

Faith, Ecology, Religion, Nature, Spirituality (FERNS)
Coordinators:  Julia Johnson, Peter Wyrsch
FERNS seeks to bring issues of creation care and ecological justice to the YDS community. We believe that God calls us to care for the entirety of creation with equal concern. Ecological concern encompasses a broad spectrum of issues but this group seeks, primarily, to work on issues of sustainability in our daily life here at YDS. This includes working with students on practical daily habits and addressing these issues at the administrative level. In addition to advocacy, this group also hosts educational events around environmental issues and seeks to work with YCSJ on ecological issues that connect with issues of social justice (eco-justice). 

Former Profits
Coordinator: TBA
The Former Profits include all second-career students who are experiencing student life with all of the joy and fear that any new phase in life would bring. We are here to support and care for one another in this exciting phase as a YDS student. We eat together, share ‘insider’ information and generally just enjoy making friends whom we hope to know long after we graduate.

International Student Fellowship
Coordinator: Jean-Fritz Guerrier
The International Student Fellowship at Yale seeks to create both a sense of welcome for international students studying at Yale as well as a space for the faith of religiously-minded students to be cultivated and deepened. ISF is committed to providing support for the personal and academic needs of international students while creating an inclusive community and a sense of belonging.

La Comunidad
Coordinator: Erendira Jimenez-Pike
The Yale Divinity Latina/o Association is dedicated to creating a space for Latina/o voices at YDS, as well as providing resources to promote theological and cultural education for an entire YDS student body preparing for services to the church and the world. The YDLA hopes to foster comunidad Latina: an open, welcoming place to learn, struggle, and celebrate.

Lutheran Student Organization
Coordinator: Joshua Sullivan
Through worship, retreats, barbecues, and informal gatherings, the Lutheran Student Organization (LSO) provides fellowship for all students involved in the Lutheran traditions. Functioning within YDS’s Lutheran Studies Program, students plan Tuesday evening Vespers in the Henri Nouwen Chapel, joint Eucharist services with Berkley Divinity School, and morning school-wide services in Marquand. The LSO also sponsors guest speakers and discussion forums for issues pertinent to the YDS community.

Methodist Society
Coordinator: Justin Mikulencak
The Methodist Society is a network of YDS students, alumni, and colleagues who share in the Methodist tradition in its many diverse manifestations such as AME, Korean Methodists, and United Methodists. We welcome all who identify with the Wesleyan heritage as well as new seekers searching for a circle of friends in faith. The Methodist Society provides a forum for mutual upbuilding, spiritual formation, doctrinal and polity concerns, and contact with local Methodist clergy. The Methodist Society meets regularly for fellowship, worship, guest speakers, community service, and other activities. 

Coordinator: Stephen Goeman
None/Others is a group of atheist, agnostic, nontraditional, multi-religious and nonreligious students interested in discussion, events, and services throughout the year. In addition to regular lunch-time discussions with fellow students and faculty, the Open Party puts on all-community events such as the Taylor House Parody Lecture Series.

Presbyterian and Reformed Student Group
Coordinator: TBD
This group provides support, fellowship, and worship for all Presbyterian and Reformed students.

Roman Catholic Fellowship
Coordinators: Cory Hodson and Lauren Kane
The Catholic Fellowship is an open and welcoming community that fosters adult Catholic faith and examines current church issues. Through weekly celebration of the Mass, community discussions, fellowship, and simple meals, the Catholic Fellowship prepares its members for future ministry in the church, and provides a place for friendship and discernment. 

Seminarians for Reproductive Justice
Coordinator: Harley Roberts
The Seminarians for Reproductive Justice seek to provide a forum for timely conversations about human sexuality, reproductive health, and faith-based approaches to both of these. We understand reproductive justice to include access to safe and effective family planning and contraception, comprehensive sex education, affordable health care, quality childcare, adoption, and safe and legal abortion services. This group hosts educational events, speakers, group discussions and opportunities for advocacy around issues of faith, sexuality and reproductive health that affect both YDS students and the broader community.

The Divinity Colloquium
Coordinators: Alexander D’Alisera and N’Kosi Oates
The Divinity Colloquium provides a public forum wherein collective academic effort and discourse may be fostered, to the benefit of all YDS students. The ultimate aim of the Colloquium will be to provide a regularly convening venue wherein students may present their work to their peers, while receiving suggestions, constructive criticisms, praise, and that overall collective academic experience that should define graduate school.

Unitarian Univeralists
Coordinator: TBD
The Unitarian Universalists are a group that provides support and denominational fellowship for Unitarian Universalist students at YDS.

United Church of Christ/Disciples of Christ Student Group
Coordinators: Carolyn Rolleston, Jeremy Hamilton-Arnold
The UCC/DOC group gathers to share in times of fellowship over luncheon discussions, dinner socials, worship, and community service opportunities.  All are welcome!

YDS Women’s Center
Coordinators: Megan McDermott and Jenny Peek
The central mission of the YDS Women’s Center is to provide a safe, supportive community for discussion and reflection on experiences in ministry, academia, related fields, and our personal lives. All cis women, trans women, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming individuals are welcome in our safe space. The YDS Women’s Center also hosts events open to the entire divinity school community, typically with the focus of raising awareness about the persistence of gender-based discrimination and injustice against women. We aim to empower students to stand together in the work towards gender equity in their relationships, academic and sacred spaces, work places, and the wider world.

Yale Black Seminarians
Coordinator: Gabby Cudjoe Wilkes
Our mission is to foster the love of God through service and support of YDS. The organization also seeks to develop and maintain a community committed to a sound theological education that includes a relationship to the black experience. Activities have included the Fall Revival, the Martin Luther King Day Worship Service, the Angel Tree Project at Christmas, and the Parks-King Lecture in the spring. As an integral part of the YDS Community, the Black Seminarians remain committed to diversity among both students and faculty. The Yale Black Seminarians group is committed to serving the entire Yale Divinity School community. 

Yale Divinity Animal Welfare Group (YDAWG)
Coordinator: Julia Johnson
The members of YDAWG take seriously God’s command to have dominion over animals – understood as benevolent care – and the Christian ideal of expanding our circle of compassion and moral consideration to all. To that end, YDAWG has three primary goals: to call attention to the bleak lives animals endure as objects used for food, experimentation, clothing, and entertainment; to provide opportunities to serve animals, including the homeless and neglected animals in New Haven; and to offer information, lifestyle alternatives, and support that encourages our community to live with awareness and kindness towards all of God’s creatures. YDAWG will host monthly meetings as well as film screenings, discussions, plant-based food tastings, and trips to animal shelters and sanctuaries.

Yale Divinity Drama
Coordinators:  Susan Wentzy, Robert Laughton
Yale Divinity Drama is intended to act as a forum for new writers, actors, directors, producers and drama enthusiasts. YDD is committed to bringing performances of new dramatic and poetic works by students to the larger YDS community.

 Yale Women Seminarians
Coordinators: Jackie Spycher, Jenny Peek
Being a woman in ministry can be tough. Yale Women Seminarians’ mission is to support women at YDS called to ordained or non-ordained ministry in any denomination by providing education, advocacy, and community. We support one another with laughter, love, and food, as well as work with like-minded groups to offer education and support in the larger YDS community.


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