Derek Porter '13 M.A.R.

PorterLiving by faith is extremely difficult. My undergraduate advisor during my junior year at the University of Saint Thomas urged me to consider that “Sometimes your calling will be found in the area of anger.” She asked, “What about the world frustrates you? Equip yourself to make things better, because that is how suffering is alleviated.” It took me a year to discern my calling. I was anxious and afraid to give voice to the issues of my heart, but I reminded myself that I came to Yale Divinity School because I had something to offer and something to receive. I needed the YDS community in order to flourish. As I enter my second year, I am feeling appreciative of the journey, and one of the highlights of my time at YDS is learning how to engage in the spiritual formation of disenfranchised youth. Surprised by joy, I see most wonderfully the purpose of the wrestling within my chest.




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