Kathryn "Gracie" Killman '13 M.Div.

Student Profile photoAs a native Southerner, the Church’s gravitational pull is a familiar, and occasionally frustrating, force that has shaped my course, drawing me close while propelling me forward. During my time at Yale Divinity School, I received the priceless gifts of time, encouragement, and resources to consider my relationship with the pull and push of the Church. I found a place to consider how I could offer my gifts outside the Church’s institutional structure as a "rare" millenial committed to its future. As a vocational laywoman in the Episcopal Church, I’ve uncovered a supportive and challenging community of fellow askers, eager to engage, imagine, and hope. I’ve received the opportunity to delve into the nature and complexity of community and ask some hard questions. Through precious dialogues in the YDS Common Room,  on the streets of New Haven, at my church internship site in New York City, and with the refugee camps of Uganda, YDS revealed the unfathomable complexity of the Church I love and gave me the confidence to ask questions of challenge and critique to the Church. Yale Divinity School is, for me, kaleidoscopic—brilliantly colorful, dizzyingly fast, and brimming with illuminating conversations that I carry as breathtaking pictures. The pictures came into focus, if only for a moment, and now we continue in our orbits. It’s these snapshots I carry with me as the Church and I continue on our course, seeking the Kingdom of God still to come.

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