Barbara Brown Taylor ’76 M.Div. came to Yale Divinity School as a seeker. However, once immersed in the community and academic resources at Yale, Taylor’s sense of vocation began to solidify, eventually leading her to a career as a re­nowned preacher, Episcopal priest, writer, and teacher. She has also served as a commentator for Georgia Public Broad­casting and a columnist for The Christian Century. Yale, she feels, is at the heart of all of that. “Education has opened the world to me, and it has opened more worlds to me than any­thing I could have imagined,” she said. “The rich sea of re­sources and people I met at Yale stay with me always. Just to walk the streets of New Haven is to be with some of the most interesting people in the world, to be with people who are going to be leaders all over the world, creative and daring people.” But at YDS Taylor also became aware of the high cost of divinity education. She realized that, without the monetary support she had, she would have graduated with a great deal of debt. Consequently, as an alumna Taylor began contribut­ing to the annual fund, which is dedicated entirely to scholar­ship aid. Taylor considers her donation to the William Sloane Coffin Scholarship Fund an act of creating her own legacy as well as preserving Coffin’s. By giving students the opportu­nity to walk the halls of YDS, to read the library books she once touched, and to discuss the doctrine of the Trinity in Niebuhr Hall, something of herself—of her passion for theo­logical education—will live on in future generations.