Welcome Donors and Friends


Dear alumni and friends,

 With the new year upon us, I want to express my deepest appreciation, on behalf of Yale Divinity School, for the tremendous support of alumni and friends during the recently completed capital campaign – Divinity Tomorrow.

 The campaign generated a record-breaking $37.4 million in funds for YDS and its Episcopal Church affiliate, Berkeley Divinity School, including $10.8 million from YDS alums;  $12 million from alumni of Yale College and the University’s other schools; and $6.9 million from individuals who are not Yale alumni.

 Among the most significant results of the campaign is a major boost in student financial aid that raises annual scholarship assistance from $1.6 million to $5.4 million annually.  Over 40 new endowed scholarship funds were established, helping to ensure that deserving students will be able to attend the Divinity School and graduate with reduced debt burdens.

 Of course, the Annual Fund continues to remain a principal source of student financial aid, since every dollar contributed goes directly to student scholarships.  We look forward to your continued support and hope that 2011-12 will be a banner year for the Fund.

 Below is a video that tells the story of the accomplishments made possible by the Divinity Tomorrow campaign and  expresses our gratitude for the generosity of friends and alums. 

 With gratitude and best wishes,


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John B. Lindner
Director, Department of External Relations
(203) 432-5363