Eleanor Scott Meyers

ELEANOR SCOTT MEYERS has been retired for years and lives at Pilgrim Place, an ecumenical community of retired persons in Claremont, CA. She reports that people come to PP from many walks in life; however, everyone there has been in some form of life-long service and outreach to others. “It is a soul-filled, inspiring place where 320 of us share a common commitment to social justice, peaceful living and prophetic environmentalism during this special time of our lives.” Her years as a theological educator continue to bring Eleanor a sense of gratitude for the opportunities for good work in years past. She gives thanks daily for the skill and time to be an active painter, as she hopes to place the beauty of the land before us as a reminder of the creative spirit that shines forth for us in the midst of whatever we meet on life’s journey. She is well and happy and invites classmates to drop in and visit at Pilgrim Place!

Denomination: Christian

Claremont, California
United States North America

Class of 1937 Secretary: Susan W. Klein , Susanklein51@earthlink.net
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