Getting Down to Business: Shaping the New Moral Agenda

Voices & Votes II 2007: Panel III



Event Speaker(s):

Moderated by Evan Baehr

Bob Abernethy (Host, Religion & Ethics News Weekly)

Randall Balmer (Barnard College; author, Thy Kingdom Come)

Jennifer Butler (Faith in Public Life)

David Heim (Executive Editor, Christian Century)

David Kinnaman (Barna Research; author, un-Christian)

Richard Land (So. Baptist Convention; author, The Divided States of America)

D. Michael Lindsay (Author, Faith in the Halls of Power)

Marvin Olasky (Editor, World Magazine)

Tom Roberts (Editor, National Catholic Reporter)

Tyler Wigg Stevenson (Coordinator, Faithful Security; author, Brand Jesus)

Jim Wallis (Sojourners; author, God's Politics)

Recorded: Friday, October 12, 2007 - 5:00pm