Nina Glibetic


Lecturer in Liturgical Studies
Denomination: Orthodox Christian

Nina Glibetic specializes in Byzantine liturgical history with a particular emphasis on Greek and Slavic manuscripts of the Euchologion (the Byzantine Missal and Sacramentary). She has edited numerous medieval liturgical sources from the Balkan Peninsula and the Middle East. Her research intersects with the fields of theology, Christian religious history, paleography and codicology. She is currently preparing a study on the preparatory rites of the Byzantine eucharistic celebration. Her other research interests include the place and role of women in Byzantine liturgical life both in the past and today.


B.A. - McGill University (Montreal, Quebec); 

B.Th. – Università San Tommaso d’Aquino “Angelicum” (Rome); 

S.T.L. – Università San Tommaso d’Aquino “Angelicum” (Rome); 

Ph.D. – Oriental Institute (Rome).