Gorman Houston M.Div.

In addition to my full-time work teaching at the University of Alabama, I have taken a job in the Dean of Students Office as the Coordinator of Campus Ministries and have accepted a position on the preaching staff at the First United Methodist Church of Tuscaloosa. With children and grandchildren here in Tuscaloosa, Jeanne and I are thriving here..., and we are grateful for it all. I am increasingly aware of just how formative my years at YDS were (and continue to be) of my spirit, my sensitivities, my theology, and my self-understanding. In case I forgot to say this nearly 30 years ago, thank you all for your patience, your insight, and your transforming friendship.

Denomination: Methodist, United

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Class of 1985 Secretary: Eugene C. McAfee , mcafee@post.harvard.edu
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