GRAHAM RIGHTS has been facing the move of his wife, Sybil, who has Alzheimer’s Disease, to the Special Care Unit at Salemtowne (a Moravian retirement facility in Winston-Salem). She adjusted to her new location the very first day and has gained 30 pounds since the change. Graham visits frequently and enjoys being part of this wonderful community. Involvements in church and community organizations continue as well as responsibilities resulting from being a bishop of the Moravian Church. Graham is blessed to have his daughter and son and their families nearby. Daughter, Susie, is a self-described “in-the-car mom,” and son, John, is an associate pastor at one of the Moravian Churches in Winston-Salem. Two grandchildren, 10 and 14, provide much joy, and Graham and Sybil now eagerly await the addition of twins forecasted for April.

Denomination: Other

Winston-Salem, North Carolina
United States

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