Henry M. Smith

HENRY M. SMITH journeyed to Montgomery, AL, on a beautiful weekend at the end of April to participate in a wonderful celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Southern Poverty Law Center (with about 2,000 other souls) and its impressive accomplishments/victories. He also did his annual sojourn in France (August) where he spent three delightful days out in Bayeux (Normandy) with a lovely French family; took in an excellent exhibition on the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem (50 years ago!) at the fine Holocaust Memorial in Paris; spent quality time with French friends; and translated an editorial in Le Monde (3 Aug.) titled, “After the debt, stagnation threatens Mr. Obama.” He also spotted a t-shirt, which read: “Life is today.” He was a lecturer in French at UNH (1988-2006) and continues to reside in Durham, NH.


Durham, New Hampshire
United States North America

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