YDS Frequently Asked Questions

YDS Frequently Asked Questions and Useful Computer Information.

How do I register my computer for use at the University?

You may access the secure wireless network at Yale by connecting to the YaleSecure wireless profile and entering your netid and password.  If you have trouble connecting to this network, please see the FAQ section regarding YaleSecure below or you may connect to the YaleGuest network and then navigate to wifi.yale.edu and follow the wizard.  You may also contact the YDSIT office for further assistance.

For access to the "Yale Wireless" wifi network or to gain hardwired ethernet access, please follow the link below or contact the YDSIT office for more help

http://divinity.yale.edu/sites/default/files/How to Register.pdf

Where can I get Yale Email help?


How do I set up my computer to print remotely to the L109 Cluster Printer? You must use the Paper Cut printing system. Instructions and documentation are provided by Yale ITS at the following location. https://ris-systech2.its.yale.edu/ris/papercut/documentation.asp

Where can I purchase and/or download software at Yale?


How do I connect to the YaleSecure wireless Network? You may navigate to wifi.yale.edu and follow the connection wizard or see the following link.


How do I remotely access university resources, such as the resources available through the library?

You will need to download and install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.  You may do so by navigating to access.yale.edu and entering your netid and password to continue through the install process.  You may also get the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software via the yale software library at www.yale.edu/software.

What information do you have in regards to backing up my data?
Are there any tips or tricks that you can tell me to help me avoid computer problems while I'm at YDS?
What is Yale’s policy regarding illegal file sharing, such as the use of Bittorrents?
The RIAA keeps a close watch over Yale University, and any student caught file sharing illegal materials will receive warnings and punitive action, starting with the revocation of their Internet access privileges.  Do not share or download copyrighted materials illegally.

For further help, please contact the YDS Information Technology team via the following:

Tim Garrison, C&IS Support Specialist, 203-432-8108, tim.garrison@yale.edu.

Robert Piscatelli, Client Support Specialist, 203-432-5273, robert.piscatelli@yale.edu.

E-mail: ydsit@yale.edu

Audio Visual Support for the Divinity School and the Institute of Sacred Music:

Sachin Ramabhadran - Media Technician, 203-432-8251, sachin.ramabhadran@yale.edu.